Wardrobe Assistant  is the complete wardrobe inventory solution specifically designed for professional Fashion and Image Consultants, Fashion Stylists, Personal Assistants, Personal Dressers and similar!  
  How can this software help you, your client or your staff?
  • Manage your clients' clothing and accessory inventory.
  • Track vital information about clients.
  • Assemble items in to wardrobe ensembles.
  • Create digital and/or printed Client "Look Books".
  • Assign wardrobe items to permanent and temporary storage locations.
  • Create, implement and track the results of client questionnaires and interviews.
  • Document body shape/type and proportions.
  • Create and store client color palettes for hair, makeup and wardrobe.
  • Business Module
  • Company level financial summations
  • Contacts and accounts
  • Invoicing, estimates and budgets
  • Expense reports
  • Projects, meeting and attendees
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Notes and Tasks.
  • Projects/Tasks calendar (separate from wear date calendar)
  • Product sales
  • Integration of QuickBooks with Business module (separate add-on, not included).
  • Professional measurements for people, items and item creation/alterations documentations.
  • Create lists for travel, charity, consignment, wish/shopping and more.
  • Document what is worn and when.
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    When you need to manage and provide detailed information about wardrobe items, clothing ensembles, hair and makeup, recommendations, notes, measurements for custom designed items or alterations for one or more clients, Wardrobe Assistant  is the software for you!

    Are you managing multiple clients at the same time? No problem, Wardrobe Assistant  discretely isolates and allows you to manage them all under one roof!

    Did we mention that our software is quick and easy to set up? Fill in a few descriptors, add the picture and move onto the next item. Or, import an entire inventory worth of photos with the click of a button and fill in the descriptor data as you have time!


    Wardrobe Assistant is easy to learn, easy to use and easy on your budget and is the quintessential wardrobe management software for Mac, Windows PC and iOS devices (iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch).

    Please Note: None of our WardrobeTools Software Products are available for purchase at the moment nor have they been priced. We are making these pre-purchase, fully functional demos available because of the enormous amount of interest shown in these products and the user's desire to test drive and become familiar with the software prior to us making them available for purchase!

      We have a new addition to our WardrobeTools suite of software products! Wardrobe Companion is the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch companion to our computer based products, Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant and Wardrobe Manager. Go to www.wardrobe-companion.com for the full story or here for a quick overview.

    Did we mention that all WardrobeTools software products; Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant, and Wardrobe Manager, are compatible with Macs and PC's.

    With additional software, Wardrobe-Assistant can be networked and accessed over the internet via Filemaker Server, Remote Desktop or VPN!